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Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil (cold pressed) - 250 ml

Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil (cold pressed) - 250 ml

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Fresh and chemical-free
back2basics extra-virgin coconut oil is first-pressed from the finest coconuts grown on our farm. We are therefore able to maintain consistency and ensure that our coconuts are cultivated using the best chemical-free farming practices, with only organic inputs from seed to harvest
Our oil is cold-pressed, which is an extraction method using a centrifugal press. Since the oil is not exposed to heat, we are able to preserve its mild and delicate flavour, as well as vital nutrients such as vitamin E and natural antioxidants. This keeps back2basics extra-virgin coconut oil light, non-greasy and water-clear. 
Since back2basics extra-virgin coconut oil is 100% pure, it has many health benefits:
  • acts an antimicrobial agent
  • effective for weight loss
  • helps treat cardiovascular disease
  • boosts immunity and metabolism
  • helps manage cholesterol and blood sugar
  • excellent source of natural antioxidants
  • Our coconut oil can be used for cooking. Unlike refined coconut oil, it has a high smoking point and a mild, delicate flavour.
  • It is also an extremely effective conditioner - it penetrates the hair and scalp more deeply than other conditioners, and promotes hair growth. It leaves hair with a healthy, radiant glow. 
  • It can also be used for skincare since it hydrates the skin and helps reduce premature signs of aging.
  • It is the best oil for baby skin and can be used for massage, to soothe sensitive or irritated skin and as a natural moisturizer. 

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