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Our Management


back2basics farm was founded by S. Madhusudhan, an IIM-B alumnus and an advertising and marketing veteran.  After working in leadership roles in many multi-national corporations around  the globe, Madhu stopped to re-evaluate his own fast-paced lifestyle and food  habits after a health scare. Madhu doesn’t have an agricultural background -  he  last studied Botany in Class 10 - and started from humble beginnings by  growing produce on a 30ft x 40ft plot. He spent a lot of time  understanding  both the challenges faced  by the Indian farmer and those faced by the  discerning Indian consumer with an appetite for fresh, high-quality fruits  and  vegetables. By applying several management  techniques to improve  current  agricultural practices, he founded back2basics - a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern science. Madhu has been managing back2basics' B2B operations for the past five years. His family includes his wife, daughter and many pets (3 dogs, 4 cats and 35 birds!).



 Bhairavi Madhusudhan is an alumnus of the prestigious Huntsman Program in International  Studies and Business at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. Like  Madhu, Bhairavi also does not have an agricultural background. She has previously worked  for multinational corporations in areas as varied as management and strategy consulting,  SME-focused retail  research and ultimately private equity across three  continents. Bhairavi  recently launched back2basics’ B2C  operations. She shares Madhu's love for animals and is  also passionate about extreme sports, travel and music.